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 Our Approach

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nVision has evolved a great deal since its founding. We have changed from an advisory group to a technology-enabled services company, and finally a technology-first developer of nContinuum, the highly innovative SaaS platform for planning corporate real estate portfolios.


Most companies utilize slow, manual, and disconnected methods for creating strategic plans and generating business case decisions for their corporate real estate assets. This manual approach forces planners to ignore key data inputs, rely on single scenarios, and live with static output that is not easily translated into line of business views that tell the real story to their internal executive stakeholders. The planning manager knows the detail, while the reviewing executive and impacted parties are left to guess the  financial and operational risks lurking below the surface. The alarming reality is that your company’s second or third largest spend is planned within a suite of tools available over twenty years ago.


We developed nContinuum to automate the corporate real estate planning process. We seamlessly connect scenarios and data from the strategic market planner through to occupancy planners and client relationship managers. Scenarios in minutes, with detailed output and impacts available to all stakeholders. Multiple scenarios, with executive views and detailed modeling and planning tools, exist in one platform. Does it address Covid Return-To-Work, labor force migration, ESG, underutilization of space? Yes, of course. It is how we think through things.


Our approach is technically advanced, while remaining simple and straightforward. How is this possible? We are the best at what we do.


J. Neil Uebelein

nVision founder

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