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The nContinuum technology platform is a cloud native architecture that incorporates current best practices in software development. nContinuum is designed with multiple options for redundancy, data isolation and security – with each deployment tailored to the client’s unique specifications. 

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Corporate real estate organizations are frustrated by the lack of true strategic planning technology capabilities currently available. The nContinuum technology platform delivers the long-missing strategic planning component that existing internal options do not address, and service providers cannot deliver on their own.


The benefit is a more comprehensive view of potential future outcomes within an intuitive modeling and visualization platform. nContinuum is built to model immediate concerns around volatility related to Covid RTW scenarios and a rapidly shifting economy. It is also designed to address the macro trends of labor force migration to secondary markets in a work-from-anywhere world and scenario scoring aligned to corporate ESG initiatives, along with addressing historic under-utilization of space and the emergence of occupancy sensor-based data.

nContinuum Modular Design

ncontinuum logo.png

nContinuum changes how strategic planners, tactical planners, client relationship managers and portfolio analysts do their work. Our SaaS technology platform targets the inefficiency and limitations of high-impact strategic planning roles that exist today without a system of record. 

Demand Module

Transform assumptions for growth rate, multi-market geo allocations (or single market analysis), and behaviors into market-level demand forecasts for seat resources and area. nContinuum’s flexible Grouping function allows scenarios to be built at whatever level of detail is required without forcing end users into time-consuming data manipulation. Hybrid or work-from-home employee attendance patterns are combined with associate preferences for heads-down, collaborative, or casual work settings in our Behaviors function.

Supply Module

Corporate real estate plans are in essence the future transactions and projects that must be undertaken to shift the portfolio from what exists today to what is needed in the future. As the result, the nContinuum Supply Module generates scenarios that are collections of future agreements and capital projects, complete with line-item financials, resource counts, area, and location/physical quality assessment scores.

Occupancy Module

nContinuum generates fully editable time-based occupancy and relocation plans based on intelligent optimization models, leveraging the team-level projection of required seats from the Demand Forecast and month-over-month location/zone available capacities modeled in a linked Supply Scenario. 

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