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How To Buy

Most SaaS platforms require complex integrations and labor-intensive ramp up, and thus become part of a technology roadmap buying exercise that can be a minimum of 18 to 24 months.


Pilot Proof-Of-Concept


nContinuum can deliver benefits or be proven through a low-cost, rapid turnaround pilot proof of concept performed with either dummy data or a basic data transfer from the end user client. The initial pilot can be acquired as a service to answer specific questions, such as evaluating multiple Covid return-to-work scenarios.  An nContinuum pilot is low risk to the client sponsor, with high learning and impact on how planning could be done more effectively and efficiently.  


Long-Term Licensed Capability


Once proven within a pilot, nContinuum can be deployed as a long-term capability in an “always on, always current” mode under a data refresh schedule that fits the client’s portfolio and labor dynamic. Over time, additional capabilities such as scenario scoring, auto-generated (ai) optimized plans, ESG impacts, labor force analytics and occupancy planning) can be licensed, along with development of client-specific reporting against additional internal data sources and needs.


Fully Integrated Deployment


Some clients will recognize nContinuum's ability to compile a master list of future transactions and projects, and the need for a long-term capital budgeting forecast that aligns critical spend against enterprise strategies. For these clients, a fully integrated nContinuum deployment becomes the centralized point for planning and decision support functions, with reporting views and data feeds linked to other core real estate technology systems.

nContinuum client lifecycle.png

Service Delivery Model

nContinuum is designed for self-service planning directly by end users or through an outsourced service provider.

Labor-intensive current approaches are expensive, whether formally organized within a corporate real estate planning group or distributed across vendors and internal associates who have other day-to-day responsibilities. Since far less labor is required to plan with nContinuum versus the current manual approaches, better and more insightful plans are produced under much shorter turnaround times at far lower cost.

Service Providers

The nContinuum technology platform delivers the long‐missing strategic planning component that existing service provider tools do not address. For those end user clients who prefer to outsource planning functions to corporate real estate services or A/E firms, the best of both worlds can be achieved with service provider associates using nContinuum.

MWBE Partners

One obstacle to small and emerging companies is the inability to scale beyond labor-based consulting scopes. By making nContinuum available to these companies within a reseller model, the MWBE partner can bring more value to clients through technology-enabled services that are truly scalable and highly impactful.  

Direct from nVision

Our origins are advisory services. We are always open and available for direct contracts with end users in which we provide both the corporate real estate planning support and the nContinuum platform.

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